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Celebration of Unconditional Love

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Art is a MUST

Every thing surrounding us has some kind of art form. Waking up in the morning to start our everyday routine, imagine how life will be without ART. The First things we do waking up in the morning go to the bathroom wash our face, brush teeth, and take shower …and … Now let us start counting how many objects we encountered in our morning ceremony! Furniture, door, bathroom, windows, curtains, sink, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo …and…toilet… Now visualize them without any functional design or without any form of art. We will be in the open-air landscape doing our daily routine. Our life will be primitive dull nonintersecting and boring. Next thing we will be doing check our cell phone, take our coffee in our favorite coffee mug and hop into our car! Imagine how our next step will be without our favorite things that cell phone, the coffee mug and the car! Oh, yes that car which we purchased with passion and desire to feel great while driving it. Now let us think how our cell phone, coffee mug and the car would look like without any art form…. What will be our next destination…? Yes going to work, that space which we want to GO every day or NOT! We spend more then half of our life in that space. Now let us start checking our surrounding and start counting how many objects we see that appeals to us and how many objects that we see repeals. The objects that have some kind of art form makes us exited to be in that work space and opposed to that the objects that do not have any forms of art repeals us and changes our mood, excitement and we will not want to be there. For example, imagine our workspace with that dreaded object in our face making us irritated and a pile of squished papers and other objects throne in the middle of the space, we will want to leave the space as fast as we can and our work won‘t be productive. Now imagine a space with beautiful sculptures, objects, colorful paintings hanging on the wall that has their identity and appeals to us, with a special design desk and chair for us. We will want to spend many exiting hours working there, making positive productive work, which will bring in more satisfied customers. Now if the space is ours we can change it to our desire and people will see our personality in the space and our employees will work productively, furthermore the costumers will want to come back to experience the space again. Moreover, voilĂ  successful business with a little bit of help from the art world. Now work hours finished its 6:00 pm; time to go home. Hop into our special car (MOBILE ART) listen to the music (ART) and head home; our sanctuary. The first thing to encounter is the front door. The door that is designed to be opened into a space witch we want to enter and have new comforting and relaxing experiences. Now let us see what we will do next couple of hours in our home to rejuvenate, collect some energy to start the next day all over again. The most common thing that we do is gathering of the family members around the dinner table and around the TV relaxing. Some of us will spend hours in front of the TV or reading a book in our favorite room witch is decorated with our taste by beautiful objects that make us feel good. Why TV or a book because they are engaging, challenging, appealing, exiting and much more. In addition, we want to experience what others experienced in the movie or the book. Moreover, who makes them? Huge numbers of creative professional artists spending hours and hours of work, if we don’t appreciate art why do we watch or read them, because its engaging, challenging to our intelligence and we as humans like challenges. Now let us count how many art forms we experienced while we are relaxing and enjoying our family time. If you agree, count your everyday encounter with appealing objects, experiences that have some form of art in it and post your observation here. If you like what you are reading visit our page and press like. Come and join Lidya’s Fine art Classes to learn more about art.
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How Can you Do Really Great Art

 To be great in composing art and making great artworks is Just learning any other skills like doing sports or playing musical instruments. You have to practice and enjoy doing it. With practice and professio...nal instruction and encouragement, you will be surprised what you can accomplish.
Every Child has unlimited imagination and when we teach them to copy from pictures it will limit their imagination and will be hard to grow out of it for long time. The secret of great artwork is to learn how to compose and learn the skills of drawing, painting, and practice and be creative.
To be creative is to explore new possibilities (not to copy) and keep the child inside you alive. All the discoveries are done by people who thought that there are always new possibilities for something that never existed before. Be choragus explore and experiment.
Practice, practice and practice from still life and nature that surrounds you.
You can start doing art at any age and be successful.
Paul Gauguin started to paint when he was thirty-five years old, he was a leading French Post-Impressionist artist, and he was recognized for his experimental use of colors.
Van Gogh started drawing as a child but did not begin painting until his late twenties. His portrait of Dr. Gachet was sold for 82.5 million US dollars at Christie's in New York in May 1990
Pablo Picasso started to paint when he was eight years old. He was constantly exploring new forms of art.
Lidya’s Fine Art Classes teaches How to compose, draw and paint from still life, nature and imagination. Taking measurements by the pencil and keeping the proportions of the subject, learning forms, colors and techniques of any given media.
With professional instruction and creativity, you can reach your highest potential in doing artwork that will amaze you and your audience.

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Why Art is Good For Us

Why Art is Good For Us

1-Art stimulates the brain.
Art kindles up both hemispheres of the brain and develops hand-eye coordination, and by practice, it makes us smart and focused.

2-Art Develops Expression....
Art boosts up self-esteem and makes us more confidence in ourselves,
In addition, strengthens our relationship to the environment.

3-Art teaches determination.
Art makes us to better follow up the work that we have started and work on it until we are satisfied with the result. Moreover, in the future we will successfully accomplish our goal in anything.

4-Art builds love of learning.
Art teaches creativity and discovering of new ideas and new territories of expressions, in the process teaches us risk taking, and opens us up to new possibilities to explore to what has not existed before.

5-Art Teaches Problem Solving.
Art enhances our imagination and creativity; it makes us to understand that there is more then one solution to the same problem and makes us think out of the box to achieve the success we desire.

6-Art Stimulates the Senses.
Art opens the heart, mind and soul to endless possibities and energizes the imagination. Art teaches us step out of time letting one to be in the present moment. Art makes the magic happen.
Art is the elevation of the soul into its highest spirituality.

7-Art Builds community.
By working with others in the same environment and seeing other cultures’ creative expression allows everyone to be more connected and less isolated. In addition, we understand better diverse forms of culture.

8-Art is good for the health.
According to a new scientific study ( by Professor Semir Zeki, chair in neuroaesthetics at University College London, who conducted the experiment said “Works of art can give as much joy as being head over heels in love“. Professor Zeki adds, "What we are doing is giving scientific truth to what has been known for a long time – that beautiful paintings make us feel much better“.
"But what we didn't realize until we did these studies is just how powerful the effect on the brain is."

Another study ( by Koenraad Cuypers, a research fellow in the department of public health and general practice at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology finds that an appreciation of culture and the arts can do wonders for a man’s health, including lowering his risk of anxiety and depression.
More importantly, he says, the results strongly suggest that people may be able to improve their mental and physical health even if they are unable to participate in intense physical activity. From a psychoanalytic point of view, the ability to lose the tension from daily stress might be a good opportunity to boost the immune system and improve health.”

9-Art is Big Business.
The Art Market Was Worth $64 Billion in 2012.
The art market size has grown over the past few years, despite numerous economic downsides.
International art sales reached a grand total of $64 billion over the past year.

10-Art Helps Emotional Capacity.
Art helps to express deep, complex unconscious emotions easily, which makes us to understand better others and ourselves. Art develops personal growth and joy in one’s own self, repeatedly being surprised, and then extending it in others.

11-Art is Timeless.
Creativity and self-expression has always been vital to our humanity. We can see our ancestors’ creative works in prehistoric rock drawings, cave paintings, and earliest sculptures.
Art has been in humans’ life from the beginning of time to present.

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