Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Art is a MUST

Every thing surrounding us has some kind of art form. Waking up in the morning to start our everyday routine, imagine how life will be without ART. The First things we do waking up in the morning go to the bathroom wash our face, brush teeth, and take shower …and … Now let us start counting how many objects we encountered in our morning ceremony! Furniture, door, bathroom, windows, curtains, sink, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo …and…toilet… Now visualize them without any functional design or without any form of art. We will be in the open-air landscape doing our daily routine. Our life will be primitive dull nonintersecting and boring. Next thing we will be doing check our cell phone, take our coffee in our favorite coffee mug and hop into our car! Imagine how our next step will be without our favorite things that cell phone, the coffee mug and the car! Oh, yes that car which we purchased with passion and desire to feel great while driving it. Now let us think how our cell phone, coffee mug and the car would look like without any art form…. What will be our next destination…? Yes going to work, that space which we want to GO every day or NOT! We spend more then half of our life in that space. Now let us start checking our surrounding and start counting how many objects we see that appeals to us and how many objects that we see repeals. The objects that have some kind of art form makes us exited to be in that work space and opposed to that the objects that do not have any forms of art repeals us and changes our mood, excitement and we will not want to be there. For example, imagine our workspace with that dreaded object in our face making us irritated and a pile of squished papers and other objects throne in the middle of the space, we will want to leave the space as fast as we can and our work won‘t be productive. Now imagine a space with beautiful sculptures, objects, colorful paintings hanging on the wall that has their identity and appeals to us, with a special design desk and chair for us. We will want to spend many exiting hours working there, making positive productive work, which will bring in more satisfied customers. Now if the space is ours we can change it to our desire and people will see our personality in the space and our employees will work productively, furthermore the costumers will want to come back to experience the space again. Moreover, voilĂ  successful business with a little bit of help from the art world. Now work hours finished its 6:00 pm; time to go home. Hop into our special car (MOBILE ART) listen to the music (ART) and head home; our sanctuary. The first thing to encounter is the front door. The door that is designed to be opened into a space witch we want to enter and have new comforting and relaxing experiences. Now let us see what we will do next couple of hours in our home to rejuvenate, collect some energy to start the next day all over again. The most common thing that we do is gathering of the family members around the dinner table and around the TV relaxing. Some of us will spend hours in front of the TV or reading a book in our favorite room witch is decorated with our taste by beautiful objects that make us feel good. Why TV or a book because they are engaging, challenging, appealing, exiting and much more. In addition, we want to experience what others experienced in the movie or the book. Moreover, who makes them? Huge numbers of creative professional artists spending hours and hours of work, if we don’t appreciate art why do we watch or read them, because its engaging, challenging to our intelligence and we as humans like challenges. Now let us count how many art forms we experienced while we are relaxing and enjoying our family time. If you agree, count your everyday encounter with appealing objects, experiences that have some form of art in it and post your observation here. If you like what you are reading visit our page and press like. Come and join Lidya’s Fine art Classes to learn more about art.
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